Sunday, September 5, 2010

MFL Mobile 2010 v1.2 - In Review

The next version of MFL Mobile 2010 was submitted to Apple last Wednesday and is currently "In Review." For all intents and purposes it should be live in the app store in advance of Thursday's game. This update does not provide a whole lot of new functionality but focuses on fixing frustrating issues that multiple people have been experiencing, particularly related to logging in. Here is a quick run down of what is new in v1.2:

-Crash fixes for login and rosters that contain new players
-Updated app icons for retina displays
-Lineup submission now shows current lineup for each week
-Added "Last Week's" button to lineup submission to import the previous week's lineup.
-Updated message board feature to display post date and time.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you all enjoy the first week of REAL football! I know I am definitely ready for it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

MFL Mobile 2010 v1.1 - Known Issues

Thank you all for checking out MFL Mobile! Initial feedback has been positive, but of course this is software and we have a few bugs... Here is the list of known issues. The fixes for these will be available in MFL Mobile v1.2.

Logging In
-If you have a non-alphanumeric character (!@#$%^&*() etc.) in your password, MFL Mobile fails to login and can cause crashes.

Submit Lineup
-Submit lineup will crash without notification if you have a player on your Roster/Taxi Squad/Injured Reserve that does not exist in your player database. This can happen if your franchise has a very new player to the NFL. If you think you are experiencing this it can be resolved by going to "Update" on the main screen and clicking "Update Players."

Overall App/Misc
-App icons have not been updated to support retina displays.

If you are experiencing a problem that you don't see listed here, please e-mail me at or leave a comment on this post. Thanks for your patience and a VERY special thanks goes out to the users who helped us track these down.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MFL Mobile 2010 v1.1 - Lineup Submission

The latest version of MFL Mobile 2010 has been submitted to Apple for approval! We've added a couple of new features that we think you are really going to enjoy.

The first feature we'd like to highlight is lineup submission. It's very simple to use! From your league screen there is now a "Submit Lineup" feature. From here you will get a view of your active roster, complete with each player's NFL matchup and any related injury information. Simply scroll through each position and check off the players you would like to start for the current week.

Of course we understand that people may want to submit their lineup for a future week due to a vacation or hunting trip. We've got you covered! Simply use the previous and next button at the bottom of the screen to change the week.

We hope you like the feature! Let us know what you think and what else you'd like to see in the app.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Under Eggstruction

Welcome to Eggplant Apps - the new home of MFL Mobile and [absorb]!

My name is John Lansing and I was the primary developer at AirSprout working on the aforementioned iPhone apps. I decided to take the apps on for myself and see what we can do with them in the future.

My good friend Dave at AirSprout will be helping me out with the transition and in advance, we both would like to say that we appreciate your patience. We are working as hard as possible to make this as seamless and quick of a transition as possible!

First on our list is MFL Mobile! The NFL season is just around the corner, but dynasty leaguers around the globe are well into their homework for the season. What better complement to Ryan Matthews or Dez Bryant than a shiny new version of MFL Mobile? For this initial re-release of the app we will be including full message board functionality (both reading and smack-talk posting included).

We'll be making some more updates to the app for the season, first on the list is lineup submission. We hope to have it ready for week 1!

For any questions feel free to leave a comment, and don't hesitate to contact me at